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Let’s get down to the nitty gritty – are toners really a crucial part of taking care of your skin? Short answer: Yes. So, to put a stop to the confusion once and for all, here’s exactly why you need to be toning your skin daily, plain and simple.

Basics: what is a toner?A toner is a water, alcohol, or gel-based liquid that is, first and foremost, used to balance your

skin’s pH levels (normally around 5.5) after you cleanse with your normal face wash. Why do you need this extra step? After you use your regular cleanser, your face becomes more alkaline, which makes it more prone to damage and inflammation. Using a toner balances your skin again. After you wash your face with cleanser, apply a few drops of toner to a cotton pad or your bare fingertips and gently apply all over your face. Let it soak in, and then follow with your serum, face cream, etc.

It sops up every little bit of makeup.  It is an extra cleansing step to remove dirt and impurities from makeup and environmental pollution. Despite the efficacy of a cleanser, there may still be makeup that’s left behind, Toner is the best and easiest was to ensure your complexion is clean.

Toner removes excess oil, which leads to less acne.  Excess oil is what causes clogged pores and creates blackheads.  If you have acne or oily skin, look for a toner that contains  glycolic acid or salicylic acid, as it will cut down on oil and shine.

Toner balances the pH of your skin. It is specifically designed to do so.  Skin’s optimal pH is 5.5 ans can be thrown off by a cleanser, so basically it keeps your skin from becoming too dry or oily after you wash your face.

Additionally, it preps your face to better absorb the ingredients that are in your serums or facial creams. It’s a good way to ensure that you get all of the dirt and oil out of your skin, maybe catching some debris that you missed while washing your face with your cleanser. Depending on your type of toner, it can be a great delivery system for other awesome ingredients that could really help your skin. For example, if you chose a rosewater toner, it can work towards hydrating your skin and reducing redness.

It’ll help with summer breakouts.  When sweat mixes with excess oil, dirt and bacteria, it agitates the skin and leads to more breakouts.  That’s why it’s important to take this extra step in cleansing. Toner will also clean and tighten your pores, which not only makes the skin smoother, but makes it harder for debris to penetrate it.

Hydrating toner can add an extra layer of hydration and boost your skin when you need it.  That is why a toner is especially great  to have on hand when you’re traveling.  Airplane flights are super drying., so a quick swipe of toner with a cotton pad will clean your skin and moisturize it, no water necessary.



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